I will never give up.

I refuse to become hard of heart

or cynical of thought

as I add my life to the world

around me.

No matter the harsh blows

or bitter lessons

some have gifted to me

I will not become

like them.

I will not hold back,

taking all I have to offer

to the grave.

I will do more than I

have to do, be more

than I have to be,

and give more love and compassion

than I have to give

to become more than you see.

I will touch every life

that allows my presence

to add more value

to the human heart.

I am not afraid to try

and fail,

I fear only

the lack of purpose and faith

in myself

that would cause me to give

less than is needed.

I will not let failure

cripple me.

I will stand back up,

begin again and again,


I bring my dream

to life.

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