After years of waking up


one morning she woke up

on purpose…

She did not say

to herself

I’ll try or even

I’ll see what happens…

she taught herself instead

to rise above

the quiet discouragements

that held her back,

the little criticisms that

bled her dreams…

She guarded the light in her

(that still flickered)

from the gusts of mockery

and disdain…

She cultivated her

determination to settle for

nothing less than everything

she could become 

so that she had more

to give…

She knew that she had to

reach deeper

inside herself if she hoped

to touch the life of another so 

she did…

She looked back 

to the past and learned,

peered into the future

and dreamed,

looked around her 

with  gratitude 

then into the mirror

and saw,

for the first time

with clarity

that in her journey to lead

an extraordinary life,

she had become…


The Warrior

She curled into herself defensively

on the ground amongst the stones

They had thrown at her.

She was bruised and bloody,

some of them striking

with such force

that the wounds were raw

and open for all to see what was

inside her…

The head wound between her eyes

seeped intuition,

discernment and her vision

of what was possible

in each of them…

The gash over her heart

bled rivulets of compassion,

and love for the soul

inside each of them that was


Her back carried the most

damage, betrayal being

the weapon frequently used

when one is afraid to face


As she struggled to

her feet, the frenzy

began again,

but to their astonishment

and dismay

the stones fell harmlessly

at her feet…

They could not touch her

at all…

And she looked each of them

in their eyes before

reaching out

and loving them






Find a way, or make one

to dream big…

the kind of big that causes you

discomfort to consider.

Live in full color,

luminous and far-reaching,

the kind of living

that raises doubts in some minds

for your sense of reality…

Live so honestly

that your example is cause

for others to search

their own shadows for truth

inside themselves…

Be courageous

and unapologetic in your efforts

to leave behind you

a life full of experiences

and wonder

that others will write of,

sing songs about,

and desire to create

for themselves.

The Dignity of Choice

What are you doing that costs you too much?

How much time do you spend in the presence of your own life?

What are you missing in your life by being too busy working to earn a living?

I had to ask myself these tough questions when I finally helped myself enough physically that the fog cleared out of my mind a bit. I had given so much of myself that I carried two jobs to cover the expenses. I had given love out at such a velocity that I couldn’t keep my own head above water. I made choices that cost me time, money and pride.

I had that lesson to learn, so here we are.

The opposite of life is death, and “life is not just the passing of time”. At least it shouldn’t be  such a horrible state of being. Can you enjoy being with those you love or are you too exhausted? Are you aware enough to see how beautiful the day is, experience laughter, cry your tears when you need too?

Life is a gift we have for such a short time, shouldn’t we maximize the living of it instead of ignoring, numbing or putting it off until we “have more time”?

What if we don’t get more? When should we start behaving more kindly to ourselves?

When would NOW be a good time?




If There Be Dragons

Let me tell you

why it is my love

that dragons guard the chest,

and why you face a battle

for the sins

you can’t confess.

You think you know the story but

be silent and I’ll tell

of how she built

this castle from the scorching

stones of hell.

You cannot see her clearly

for the mirrors that she holds,

not to look upon her visage,

but reflect upon

your soul.

I tell you only truth,

she gave out fistfuls

of her jewels,

freely and without


to the charlatans

and fools.

The cowardly of heart

were blinded by her

mirrored eyes

as they sought their own

reflections and she listened

to their lies.

She saw the secrets

that they hid

beneath the shiny tin,

and moved on lost in sorrow

past the ghosts

she thought were men.

Be warned,

you’ll never enter

wearing armor, bearing sword,

for to give again unwisely

is a cost she won’t





What would happen if you lowered your expectations of others and raised your standards for yourself? Why not give the world a break from your chronic disappointment and bring a better you into the every day.

How about not attempting to manipulate circumstances to improve your “lot” in life and instead, feed your mind with the knowledge you need to improve what you have to offer and use your power to genuinely change circumstances yourself?

If your environment sucks, maybe you do. If there’s too much negativity, maybe you’re too negative. If life is being unfair, maybe you are.

Are you just too tired to deal with it all? Then feed your body, feed your mind, feed your spirit with the best, the purest, the most uplifting of everything you can find.

Whatever has gone before is the lesson if you learn it, or an ego-beating if you earn it. The point is to get up, shake it off, take the gift of any back-handed eye openers and maximize yourself to your highest potential.

We really should learn how the world works so we can work with it or around it. It may not make sense sometimes, but if we learn stepping off the curb without looking both ways puts us in the ICU then fair or not we should learn to look both ways, right? If we’re going to spout off about how unfair it is, then do it from the curb, yes?

Life can be god-awfully hard sometimes. I know it. There are some pretty torn up people out there willing to suck the life out of us, and tear us down so they can seem taller.

They’re not darlin’, they’re just small and afraid and we can’t save them. But in saving ourselves, we can be an example for them to follow if they choose to do so.

We can’t make that happen either. It’s up to them. It’s up to us to follow the instructions from the flight attendant to place the oxygen mask on ourselves so we have the capability to help the others find theirs and get them in place.

What if we let go of the control over life and other people that we don’t really have anyway? What if we put that effort into bringing our best self forward instead? Improving ourselves instead?

What would that look like, I wonder?

What would we have to offer the world then?


The Oath

I will

do it all over


I will live from

my soul,

leading with my


I will speak only


leading with my


I will grow

only love with

mutual respect

and integrity…

I will resolve all


to a mutual sense

of peace

whenever possible…

I will

do it all over


I will begin

my life anew

from this moment

with clear eyes

and open


I will not take


for an answer.