Overnight Success

We have our lives now, such as they are.

The one we want for ourselves is over there.

We want to make it happen right now.

Not going to happen. We know better.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, where are we right now? Do we like how we’re living, feeling and what we’re doing? Are we proud and pleased, or flat out tired and defeated?

Where/who do we want to be?

Overnight successes don’t happen overnight. That’s a fact. We just don’t see or hear of the sweat and struggle and effort that goes into the glorious life we suddenly become aware of publicly. It’s an illusion, and a dangerous one to entertain when we let the distance between who we are and who we want to be stop us from taking the first step.

Progress, not perfection is where the magic becomes evident.

Perfection is an excuse to not try, it’s a myth covered in bullshit to keep us where we are. Every imperfection we have makes us perfect for the purpose we have in this world. Our gradual and determined progress makes us living billboards for those who may have given up on themselves. Our imperfections make us human, reachable and real. Others are able to reach out to us, connect to us through our individual flaws.

Imperfections are our gifts, our tools, our inspiration to others if we accept them.

Being vulnerable makes us strong, honest and worth heeding as we share our journey. The only acceptable way to lead is from the front, taking on what’s necessary to move forward in our lives with grace and integrity.

There is no such thing as overnight success.

There is, however, the choice to state your intentions for yourself and take a damn step in that direction. Don’t hesitate. Don’t check out of participating in your own life because you’re afraid or somebody you don’t even admire told you that you weren’t good enough.

Life happens for us, not to us. We didn’t get where we are overnight, neither will we become who we will be in that manner.

Our struggles build us, our challenges prepare us, our devastations awaken us to the distance between our current reality and the one that awaits us if we want it, and if we do we have only to take our first intentional step towards our own victory.

That is success. That is reality. That is living…

An excellent life story re-written as a lasting legacy.

Take the first step.






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