Dance With Me

Dance with Me,

My friend,

Amidst the Chaos

Whirling all around,

And Smile…

Laugh with me

As Stepford people

Raise their eyebrows,

Interrupted by

Our blatant Disregard…

Let them see us,

If they Dare,

Our Warrior faces

Fierce with Joy

And without Fear…

Dance with Me,

My friend,

You’re no Wallflower

Sitting this one out

Or chosen Last…

Let them stand Aside,

And watch~ in wonder

As we Choreograph

When some would cry…

Just Dance with Me.

Laugh Before You Leap


Are only impossible things

That happen anyway,

Like the dawn

Of faith

On a horizon

Of utter disbelief…

A leap into Love

When no one else dares,

Or chasing  a dream

No one else sees…


Are only dream-aches

Brought to life

By doing,

And wishes

Made real by giving…

And forgiving.

Miracles are

The miraculous alignment

Of Heart,

Mind & Soul

That leave us trembling

On the edge

Of all that is impossible…

Laugh before you Leap.