To The Lion-Hearted

In the face of supposed


you roar in defiance

of all that

seems to be true

when viewed with apathy

and hopelessness.


of heart and mind,

you rise above 

mediocrity and judgment

to chase away shadows

and banish

the paralysis of self doubt.

You are the one

who empowered yourself

to live

a life magnificent

and inspiring,

not due to perfection,

(oh no, not at all)

but by the power of facing

everything learned,

accepting every experience

no matter how difficult,

and living

the silent roar

of the truth you exemplify.


the Lion-Hearted.



There is a part of us that never

gives up. A hidden, secret, holy

place that holds the last remaining

dreams we refuse to release to

the world of pain, hopelessness,

and “reality”. The truth of us

is always in there, the truth of 

us remains when all other parts

of us cower in fear and shame. We

still have the eyes that search

for the other half of us; the missing

rib, the lost magic…There is a 

part of us that never quits. A silent 

sacred place that bears witness

to our betrayals, our loss of

courage, endurance and ability

to recover from fatal cuts. The 

injuries we sustain seem permanent

until faced with this relentless

grace we hold within ourselves…

When, at long last, we open our

mangled hearts and love anyway.

False Reflection

Who do you see

when you look in the mirror 

each night,

having failed what feels like

one too many times?

I see an Amazon

standing tall after conflict

preserving all the good possible

salvaged from what remains…

I see a Prophetess,

sharing  inspiration

from your experience of the world

with strength of will

at your side…

I see a Goddess,

the source of your own light~

radiating generously

into the lives of those around you.

You see yourself

as broken, and foolish of heart…

I see an Angel offering grace,

a Guardian with no weapon

save compassion,

an example to follow… 

A Mystic, embodying

the transformation of each of us

into the absolute wonders

we are all meant

to be.


Time will tell,

time will heal,

it just takes time…

All the cliches 

are true

for a reason…

But nothing changes 

the now,

the pain of now,

the disillusionment 

or the heartbreak

of now…

So cry your tears

of anger, hurt

and disappointment…

Shake your fist

at the circumstances

that have

taken you down…

Stagger to your feet,

jut out your chin

and put fear into that very thing

that tried to put 

fear into you…

All you have to do is rise.

One. More. Time.

The Cure


It’s not insanity

to use the healing of

your wounds

to refresh your soul.

You have every right,

no~an obligation

to yourself

to take everything

in your heart

and hold it close

as you fling all you are

into the unknown,

throwing your arms open,

defiantly sharing your light

ready or not.

It matters not at all

that your knees knock

and your hands


What matters

more than anything

is the courage it takes

to try.


Rest quietly for a moment

in the power of your potential…

Feel the irresistible

tug of your heart as it trembles

with the desire

to be set free…

Listen to the whispers

of the thoughts no longer willing

to be brushed aside

or trivialized…

Soul tears fill your eyes

from reaching into

the City of Jewels

where your dreams have waited…

For this exact moment

in time,

when you would find

your courage


release your Fire.


the moment

you decide to change,

everything inside

shifts to a new reality~

freshly created

from the thought itself,

through your heart

and out

into your new world…

in one instant

your future transforms

turning your dream

into an intention

that in the moments after

will manifest itself

in the choices and actions

that reinvent 

who you’ve been until now…

in one heartbeat,

one thought,

in the quietest whisper

of your never forgotten dream,

you finally realize…

the moment 

you decide to change 

your legacy

it is so.

Acts of Valor

Call your heart back

into you

and let it grieve,

rest, recover.

Treat yourself gently

as you would a warrior

of great valor

struck down in battle.

Those never wounded

haven’t lived,

hearts never broken

haven’t loved,

and you have done both.

Hold your heart

with awe and compassion;

accept them both 

for yourself.

Fill the seams, the jagged edges

with the gold of

wisdom through lessons

earned and learned.

Piece together

with loving hands

the part of you that cannot be


and when you are whole

and another is worthy,

courageously give again, love again

and remain




Let not your light dim

although it chases


in the hearts

of others…

Let the music

within you play on,

even when it seems wasted

on deafened ears…

Let your eyes see color,

beauty and miracles

when the world 

seems to be blind…

And then,

in its darkest hour,

let your soul reach out

and set your dreams alight

as the healing

of your inspiration

brings a deadened world

to life.



Steady yourself~

the fury of your


cannot overcome

the truth of you,

and what you hold sacred.

Lift your head high,

it carries a wealth of wisdom

from painful lessons

learned from facing

everything in life

with courage.

Dislodge the misery

from those shoulders

where shame rests

and let it fall,

ever so appropriately

on those who created it.

Unforeseen situations

will always arise

as will unwanted opinions.

Nothing you face today,

not one single thing,

changes who you are.

Your heart remains

ever-loving, and your soul

ever-shining and untarnished.

Smudges you think you wear

show only on the faces

of those throwing the dirt~

never on the warrior

refusing to succumb

to  the opinions and judgments

Of those without the courage

to rise up and meet their own lives~

Fists ready, heart first.