The Storm and She

In the aftermath

She mourned.

Hair wild,

face composed,

heart pumping sorrow

through every vein…

She would tremble

every few moments

as if her body

could not contain

the pain She now must


She stood in the midst

of the destruction

that had been

her life,

shredded remnants of

what remained,

Her breath just a whisper

in the silence…

There were pieces of her


most freely given,

but those that were not

were torn from her

with claws of


vicious bites of betrayal and

a misery of soul…

She knelt down and began

to gather what  could be

saved …

Eyes fierce and burning

with retribution,

She held all that was sharp and

ugly in her heart

tightly to her as She called

from herself

a strange alchemy

to transform what was

within her…

Until the gold of it


in the lightning that still

flashed around her,

and She became someone

more Fearsome

and Powerful than

the storm that

broke Her.

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