She knew she was dying

and she wasn’t afraid.

She didn’t struggle with the knowing,

it would come when it would.

She accepted it along with

the heart that would cease its beating

just long enough to dim her vision

before resuming its erratic pace and pauses.

She would stumble sometimes

as the universe would spin around her

turning stars into


She’d laugh along with everyone

at her utter lack of grace

although she carried plenty of it

Inside her.

She forgave swiftly and completely

every injury she took

from another soul,

her heart growing larger and softer

as her body became thinner

and lost strength.

Time was precious to her

so she freed herself

from all that was dark and angry.

She surrounded herself with beauty;

she gave herself the gift of


When she felt the tingling

in her fingertips during those times when

her heart was too tired to push

that last little distance,

she’d catch herself touching flowers

and hands

and faces

wanting to remember the feel of them


The rain moved her to tears

and it gave her solace  to know that creation

was weeping on her behalf

in gratitude

for her one year

of joy.

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