The Face of Death

Death opens a doorway I know that everyone will pass through to move from this life to the next. I don’t see her as an ugly frightening monster of terror, or as Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. I picture death as a mother welcoming her children at the door after a long, and sometimes dangerous adventure. I imagine a beautiful, wise, and loving face with kind eyes. I think she doesn’t always wait patiently by the doorway, I think she ventures out here and there to send out little memos to her beloved children that this life passes all too quickly. It could be the loss of a loved one, a frightening test result, or a horrible wreck with a miraculous survival story.

Sometimes she encourages me to live a truer, fuller life in something I read, a song I hear, a touching moment in a tv show or movie. Death is the bringer of life whether it be a transition to the next mystery, or a directive to live NOW. I appreciate every reminder, because I truly want to LIVE for the rest of my life. I want to throw myself into the adventure of discovering all there is in the time I have. I want to be and do everything I dream of.

I will not live my days as a pathetic little puppet, hopping back and forth at the whim of someone else’s plan. They can live their own dreams, as I plan to live mine. I can and will do what I chose with my life as our Creator presents me with the opportunities I have ignored so frequently in the past.

I have the power to stay or go. Say yes, or no. I can change my mind, my life, and rewrite my story. I’m not letting someone else do that for me~no way.

When I do greet death at that doorway, I hope to see a twinkle in her eyes and a curve to her lips that lets me know she really enjoyed the show, and admired my impromptu performances.

That’s the face I hope to see.

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