Rip Van Winkle

I read somewhere today that puppies open their eyes at approximately 10 days old, with the added warning not to try to force their eyes open~each puppy’s eyes would open when they were ready. Hmmm. So if we are, as I believe, created by One breath/word/heart/light/love then those puppies and I are also one. We are different creative expressions of the same love and light. Which means…I should not be hard on myself for needing 50 years to wake up and open my eyes! While I was given ENDLESS opportunities to see, I must not have been ready until now.

Just as good old Rip must’ve felt, it is a little disturbing to realize that you fell asleep sometime in childhood, going deeper and deeper into slumber as time went by; blending, conforming, adapting, condoning, enabling…until the cosmic alarm clock goes off and the universe says “sweetness, open your eyes, it’s time to do your thing”. I came across a poem I wrote at the beginning of my wake up call, and if you can get past the tinge of “victim!” that bleeds in here and there, it is a good reminder of what each of us can allow to happen when we forget we have great value simply by being! ❤

Open Letter to Society

Where are all the years that I lay sleeping

Turning all my dreams into a memory~

Losing all the heart that held such fire

Wasting all the passion held inside of me?

When in time did I lose all my courage

Or did it merely fade with every passing day?

When did I begin to lose the feeling

That put my soul in everything I had to say?

When did I quit thinking that I mattered?

When did I stop fighting for my right to be?

Did you only want your soul reflected~

Or the heart that tells me who I’m meant to be?

When did I start fearing your rejection~

Giving into angry words and ridicule?

When did I stop living by my choices~

Bowing down to one too many rules?

When did I stop dreaming of a future~

Holding only hope that I survive?

When did I lose touch with all the meaning

That used to bring my troubled heart alive?

Take me as I am or leave me standing!

I don’t want the prison I have let you be~

I must be myself and not the image

You have tried to make from what is left of me.


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