Second Chances


you get a second


to make things


turning the garbage

of your past into

compost for

the Garden of

Your Future.

Using the trials

you’ve suffered as

Tools to Create

a life that

would not exist

without your pain.

This tale of


into this glorious

Story of You.


and write your Story.


The Suffocation of Spirit

Take a Breath

and accept your gifts

are as unique

as You are,

Your words, song, dance~

are Treasures

not always recognized

for their Grace

and Divine content.


when your are spurned,


or unappreciated~

you must tell your Spirit

it is time

to Dance for another

with a more open

heart for Love,

a more discerning

eye for Beauty,

a soul starving

for Truth.

It is not that you

are not good enough~

it is only that some

cannot See

as clearly as others will,

the gift you have

for Magic.

Your only choice

is to take a Breath…

to remain in the┬áDance…

speak Life…