The Shaman


is the inflammation

of the mind and body

lacking care.

We never ask

the question why

due to the thoughts we hide,

so hesitant to share.

With shamanic wisdom

we must take our hearts

and open up our eyes

to find where we neglect

to love ourselves,

by giving more than

what is wise.

When did we last feel

the sun shine warmly on

our own uplifted face?

Or move and dance

and laugh with sheer abandon

in our solitary space?

When did we stop offering

the pure and good

to body, mind and soul?

Why did we think

crutches, masks and lies

would be the things

to make us whole?

Isn’t it past time to

lay down everything

that we’ve been told is true…

and love ourselves so well

that we can’t keep

the truth of us

from shining through?






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