And then she began to add color

all around her in the quiet

shimmer of gold, bronze and

cream of her surroundings,

a scarlet pillow there,

an emerald throw,

etched candles

richly scented…

She discarded

all that was not her,

books and trinkets empty

of meaning or value,

any gift not given from a

loving heart,

she tossed away

refusing even to gift

to another anything lacking


She opened drawers

and boxes and her heart,

pulling out pieces of herself

into the light,

loving reminders

of moments and memories

that made her laugh

or lit her eyes…

She placed them in every room,

knowing she would

never again

allow anything in

that was less than true

or beloved to her,

nothing would detract

from the life and vibrance

she needed…

She knew she would seek

only those things,

those experiences and

those people

offering contrast, accent or

growth to the world she

was creating…

She carefully swept

the uselessness of misery,

worry and doubt off the porch,

and every evening

when she walked in again,

she began to add color.



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