Song of the Gods

You have yet to uncover

the mystery

of you…

Unaware of your own

power, your vibration unfolds

before you as

you enter the room,

uplifting or depressing

the perceptions

of all who wait there…

A room full of gods

and none of you wield

your authority

with any deliberate


You create your own worlds

and lament

your circumstances,

you hold fear

and folly tightly

to your chest and curse

the consequences

that weigh you down…

You think you must be hard

and cold and relentless

in your fight for


you believe that struggle,

hardship and sorrow

is the price you pay

for a victory

that leaves you wanting…

you turn dreams

into goals and lists

and actions

when you could be

calling down the moon

with just your smile

or raising the dead of heart

with your laughter…

you are each

living gods

needing only to

relax into your own

powers and sing

the song

of life.



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