The Forest

I will walk with you.

I’ve traveled this path

enough to know

which way curls itself

into darkness.

Careful now,

watch your step.

There’s the root

that caused my stumble

and just ahead

is the hole

that brought me down

for a moment

that hurt like eternity.


Not to the white noise

of misery

or the chatter

of blame…

Allow yourself

to hear the fierce

still distant cry of hope

as it soars above.

Easy now.

Can you see the

deep and sliding marks


The distance of that

final fall?

Those are mine.

I found my way back

from that place of

broken faith.

There was no one here

to show me


I came back

for you.

Take my hand,

just hold on.

I know the way

all too well.

There is light ahead.

There is color

bright and lovely.

There are others there

beyond the dark

waiting to welcome you

back home.

Don’t be afraid.

I will walk with you.




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