The Becoming

When you finally find me,

and you will,

I will have become

the woman

you seek…

You will have become

the one I have

called in

to stand with me

when all else


When you look for me

in the eyes

of those you meet

you will not


to pass them by

on your way

to who you know

I am.

In the same way

I will sift

the false from the true

in all who come

before you.

When you find me,

I will know you

by the scars

I carry.

I will recognize

the light of battle

in your eyes

no matter the color

of them.

I will hear

in your heart beat

the rhythm

of my own.

There will be


and fire

the likes of which

this world

has never seen.

And love.


When you find me.

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