A Certain Sorrow

Where is the hardship

in showing respect

to each other?

What is it

that is difficult

in leaving another

with their dignity?

What idiocy

feeds the ego and leaves

our humanity


building walls,

burning bridges

of understanding

while we rot in our own


Why is it more


to reach out and offer


or tolerance for

the flaws

we all carry?

Why do we long

to be understood and


while giving it

in stingy little portions

cheating both

the giver and receiver?

We talk of great love

and give it not.

We speak of

golden dreams and

do nothing

to risk breathing life

into them.

We talk of how the world

should be, and isn’t

while we are not

who we are.

We lament passionately

the state of the world

we perpetuate

with our own falseness,

beating our chests

in grief

and loneliness

as we hide ourselves

from all we

long for.


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