Her Power

They looked at her

in sorrow and sympathy,

telling her that she had


too many losses.

She took their hands,


as she claimed her 


of greater lessons.

They offered her  comfort

for her failures

casting blame in every


telling her it was not

her fault.

She admonished them

for the insult,

accepting every mistake

in judgement 

with pride,

knowing that she had fallen

more times 

than anyone else in 

the room,

explaining quite gently

that failure always came

with the risk

of trying.

She thanked them

for noticing her courage,

her commitment to continue


and burning

until she succeeded.

There were those

who mocked her and she

welcomed the pain

that fueled her 


and to them she gave 


knowing she would not

allow them

to keep her from 

loving or living

with her heart wide open.

They could not stop

her laughter

her writing or

her trying.

So she continued

to fall

many times over

to prove

that their damage

could not stop her,

she refused to give them

that power,

and she would whisper

to herself

every morning as the sun

would rise…

“I am 

who I say

I am”.


I forgive you

for not being who

I thought

you should be…

I forgive me

for not being

what you wished

me to be…

I forgive both of us

for trying to be

who we were not…

In this moment,

I honor the heart of 

who you are,

and also honor

the heart of me…

May we cherish

in each other

all we created, 

and respect our efforts

even where we failed.

May every day


bring nothing but joy

into every day

of your life…


Holy Ground

All that is Divine

beats in every heart;

in every moment

the possibility of Joy


Every breath 

an opportunity

to invest in ourselves,

the overflow

only a Blessing 

to those around us…

All that is Sacred

flows in every vein,

bringing life

to every cell, and love

to every


Reminding us all

that this is who we are;

who we can choose to be

everyday beyond

the holy ground

of Hope.

Sunset in the Garden of Joy and Sorrow

I have accepted that there is a part of me that never gives up. No matter what kind of person or circumstance I wrap myself up in, I can’t seem to relinquish the part of me that hopes for a breakthrough, dreams of it, invests in the possibility that something real and good and beautiful will come from it all. A friendship, an opportunity to grow or give, maybe a new dream. Something aside from a lesson I hoped not to learn.

I have moments when I wish I were different.

It would be easier if I were cynical and believed that people were rotten and mean instead of just hurting. Maybe I could sleep easier if I didn’t take responsibility for where  I stand at any given moment, if I couldn’t see that in some ways we are all lost and trying to find our way. Maybe I would be more prosperous now if I quit seeing behind the eyes and hearing behind the words to the souls inside, but I would lose something important to me.

Because sometimes, once in a great while, I make a difference to someone.

Sometimes the weight of my heart crushes me. Mostly it gives me joy and a reason to wake up every morning. I would rather have my heart broken every day when I offer it than be numb or bitter and defeated. I have learned along the way that I can love people even if they can’t love me back, because it’s like planting seeds. Sometimes something wonderful blooms, sometimes it doesn’t.

Maybe something will take root and break through the rock after I’m gone.

There is always a point to loving and giving. It is the only point. The giving is the gift.

I will plant the seeds.

To The Lion-Hearted

In the face of supposed


you roar in defiance

of all that

seems to be true

when viewed with apathy

and hopelessness.


of heart and mind,

you rise above 

mediocrity and judgment

to chase away shadows

and banish

the paralysis of self doubt.

You are the one

who empowered yourself

to live

a life magnificent

and inspiring,

not due to perfection,

(oh no, not at all)

but by the power of facing

everything learned,

accepting every experience

no matter how difficult,

and living

the silent roar

of the truth you exemplify.


the Lion-Hearted.


Let This Be Real

If it’s true that we create

our own lives

with our thoughts

and beliefs,

I choose this…

Let our love be unconditional,

let our lives reflect

only our faith

in each other,

only grace

as we hold each other


through all we may suffer….

Let our eyes see

only beauty and strength

when we look upon

the face of another,

let our hearts hear only truth

hidden beneath

even the harsh words

spoken in pain…

Let this be real,

that in our moments

of joy

we turn first

to one another

giving everything we have

to offer,

and when tears prevail,

giving everything we have

to offer