Taking Flight

Oh, my loves

are you still perched

on the fence

singing about tomorrow, 

not knowing your


Jump off and make

a decision and I say

if it’s not right

for you

then won’t you know it

much sooner

than sitting there


Are you going to sing

about one life

while living another,

or will you become

the force inside

that lifts you

into flight?

Are you adding

power to your life

or diminishing it with

your hesitations?

Who do you

believe you are?

What do you believe

you hold within you now?

Take this spark,

take it and go inside

as only you can,

and then

I will ask you this…

who wrote this song

you sing

as you wait?

Why are you still

on the fence

pulling back from

all you must

lean into

to catch the wind

and soar?



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