Since I began referring people to the supplements I take, I have found that, so far, people most frequently ask me for three things. In third place is energy, mood up-lift and stress reduction. Second place is relief from various pains or illnesses. Can you guess number one? Weight-loss.

I want to lose weight, I need to drop a few pounds, I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore, I don’t care if it’s sustainable-if I can get thin, I know I could maintain it. I cry in the dressing room, nothing fits me anymore. I don’t have anything to wear. Nothing looks good. If I could just get back to my regular size, I’d be happy.

No, you won’t. Because you’re unhealthy. The weight is just a by-product of misery.

I can say this because I’ve carried an excess of 75 pounds of fluff, and been 20 pounds too skinny. My doctor has warned me to lose weight and gain some back.

I was miserable both ways.

Let me tell you the truth. Your body is not functioning properly which affects you physically and mentally. Then your poorly functioning mental state feeds you crap (and lies) to further harm your body. It’s a vicious circle.

I’ve been on every diet. I’ve lost what feels like a thousand pounds in my life-time and gained it back. I’ve been so thin that my friends and family whispered and worried. Being unhealthy in any way is a shitty way to live if you don’t have to.

Here is what changed me. Listen to me well.

I gave my body the nutrients it needed in a major way. I take the best supplements I’ve found so far in liquid form so they’d hit my bloodstream in 15-20 minutes.

A week later, I felt so much better physically that I wanted to take a walk, wanted to do yoga in the morning before work, I wanted food that was real instead of fried to a crisp every time, my mind began clearing up and I began to think a little differently.

Instead of “Why me”, I said “Oh, hell no”. I turned in my notice at my second job and re-adjusted my budget so I could have a life.

A properly functioning physiology powers a strong mind.

This results in stress reduction, less depressive behavior, more physical activity, clarity of thought and better decisions for making a better life. Your weight adjusts naturally to its optimal number whatever that is for your frame. You begin to feel better, think better and act better for yourself.

You don’t have to try so hard to maintain equilibrium.

If you owned a Porsche would you sugar the gas tank, egg the paint job and let the oil and transmission fluid run dry? Not unless you’re an idiot. You’d wash and wax that beauty, fill her with premium fuel, and treat her with the best that money could buy.

Nobody slaps a bumper sticker on a Porsche.

Don’t disrespect yourself or your body. The weight will come off when you care for your body, not when you lie to it or trick it into starvation. Your mind will give you quality thoughts when you give it quality input. You will inspire the lives of others by inspiring yourself. You’ll handle stress better, you’ll feel more gratitude and less depressive thoughts because you’ll be equipped to deal with life as it rolls.

There is no magic pill.

You don’t need to take the supplements I do if you don’t want to. But research and take what your body needs. Give yourself what you lack. Take care of that precious gift that is you. I don’t care if you back GNC or me. Back yourself. Take care of you. Please.

Get healthy and the leaner, stronger, healthier thinking  you will naturally appear. It’s science, not magic.

But it will feel like magic.

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