I quit waiting for tomorrow. I have to actively make myself do this every day now because my motto used to be “Why put off until tomorrow what you could do the day after that?”.

How many times do you tell yourself that you’ll start something tomorrow?

You say you’ll start that diet or that exercise program tomorrow. You’ll give up smoking, eating empty foods, listening to negative bullshit and feeding it to yourself tomorrow. You’ll set goals, take action and get on the right path for you tomorrow. You’re going to raise your standards for yourself tomorrow. My new question every morning spins my attitude and purpose in the opposite direction.

When would NOW be a good time?

When I heard this a couple of months ago, it was like a head-slap. I had to stop and ask myself why? Why was I always waiting to move forward, to change, to grow? Why wasn’t now a good time for me? Why isn’t now a good time for you?

If your “why” isn’t big enough, your excuses will be.

Then came what I call my WWJD moment. I asked myself who did I want to be? What future version of myself would fulfill me, empower me and give me the opportunity to bring more of myself into the world every day to make a difference in the lives of others?   I got a feel for this kick-ass earth-rocking chick and asked myself a different version of this question.

What would THAT me do? 

What would she do to get me where I want to go? What would she say to me? How would she bridge the distance between us as quickly as possible? What would she remove from my life and what would she add? I thought I owed myself an explanation.

The answer was immediate. It was blunt; to the point. I hurt my own feelings.

Quit whining. Un-ass that couch and get moving. Get up and do your yoga. Invest in yourself. Get your supplements and eat what makes you stronger. Your motion creates your emotion, your body is re-creating itself with what you give it. You are re-inventing yourself with what you feed your mind. Drop that second job and build your business. Write your guts out to feed your heart. Take those cigarettes to the dumpster RIGHT NOW and toss them in with a one-finger salute. We don’t do that shit.

You can’t get where you’re going and remain where you are.

Hesitation makes us weak. Knowing isn’t doing. What we choose to focus on grows. We have to have a laser focus on who we are becoming with every action we take and gain some momentum. We must begin to keep our promises to ourselves. We can’t complain when we are given the choices we keep making.

Our new lives should lack nothing but neglect and regret.

I’m more afraid of repeating the past than I am of the challenges in building my future. I want to keep cultivating a next level mind-set. To be able to make a difference to others, to give myself to the world, I have to shake hands with my bad ass self. I have to make a difference to me first.

Let’s begin. Right now. I’ll go first.




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