The Empath

She was gifted

in the ways of discerning

the genuine

from even the most

masterful frauds,

she always had been.

The only difference now

was that she quit

believing she had the


to pull the heart

up and out

of the falseness

it hid itself


She quit offering

her time to those who


to invest in themselves,

she quit going along

for the ride

they thought they were

taking her on.

She began to study

the strong, the vulnerable

the brave,

so that without fail,

when presented with

all that was “other than”

she would lift

all she was away from them

save compassion.

She saved who she was

and made herself


She didn’t let them change

her loving,

her giving,

her courage…

But she grew in wisdom

and she saved

her soul

to offer only

to those who were






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