Permission To Bleed

Gentlemen. I am speaking to you. We have done you a serious mis-service. We have raised you to be super-heroes. Able to endure any pain in silence. Put you on a white horse. Instructed you to save us.

Ladies. I am speaking to you. We have poorly served ourselves. We have tried to fill the male and female role instead of being simply who we are.

I beg your forgiveness.

We are supposed to save each other. We are two whole beings  of a greater whole. We have forgotten how to honor each other. We have handicapped ourselves in our attempts to fill our societal “slots”. It’s so much bullshit.

It is natural for you to want to protect us and provide. It’s natural for us to want to uplift and nurture. That is what we are, what we bring to the table, that is working to our strengths. But the rest of it?

No. Drop that shit.

I love you. Talk to me. Tell me what hurts, what troubles you, what makes you afraid. Let’s be real. Don’t give me your bullshit, tell me what matters to you, it’s okay to bleed with me, I know you’re a warrior, and sometimes warriors bleed.

I know who I am and what I have to offer. You need it to give you a reason to do what you do. I know who you are and what you bring to the mix. I need it to protect me, to give me the space to make life beautiful. We’re a team…

 An equation where the sum of us is greater than the addition of our gifts.

Let’s start an honest conversation. What we need from each other is critical, what we offer each other is life-saving. It’s truth, vulnerability and power. Can we make it without each other? Of course we can. We’ve proven that.

But when two whole people come together, miracles happen.

Sometimes it’s not forever. Sometimes it is. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of our lives and experiences. We’ve had enough mediocrity haven’t we? Enough spending time not well spent? Enough not being seen, or heard, or understood?

The most wonderful,

enrapturing feeling in the world

is being heard, and understood.

Tell me I’m wrong. I won’t believe you. There is no more soul-fed feeling. We are lessons to each other, for each other. We are together, maps to light our way home. There are things we have to feel, to experience, to learn. Our lives are our means to growing into something greater than just our individual selves.

We are supposed to learn, to lead, to offer up what we have to life and to each other. That is the whole point dammit. Why are we fighting? Why are we trying to be other than we are? Why do our screams and opinions lessen us when our open-ness to listening to each other could make us whole?

Ego. Big ass fucking egos.

There are good men and women out there. We exist at every point in the spectrum of protector/nurturer no matter who we are. Seek them. Be them. Lead the way.

I am speaking to you.


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