Breath of Life

She had waited quietly

most of her days,

holding her breath,

waiting to begin


She held her flowers

in her hands like

an offering

to those who passed by

or through…

Hoping that the vibrant

color and scent

of her heart

would cause a soul

to pause and linger…

But uprooted from

the source they began

to wilt and fade,

losing their


Then one day,

what was within her

sank its roots deep

and began to grow

and bloom

with a beautiful ferocity

that choked out

every weed that threatened,

oblivious to any


It became too much

to hold inside,

overflowing into the world

around her,

a living thing spilling

into her hands,

through her words,

into the world…

And it came to her


filling her lungs,

precious beyond reason…

the scent

of all that is



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