The Dignity of Choice

What are you doing that costs you too much?

How much time do you spend in the presence of your own life?

What are you missing in your life by being too busy working to earn a living?

I had to ask myself these tough questions when I finally helped myself enough physically that the fog cleared out of my mind a bit. I had given so much of myself that I carried two jobs to cover the expenses. I had given love out at such a velocity that I couldn’t keep my own head above water. I made choices that cost me time, money and pride.

I had that lesson to learn, so here we are.

The opposite of life is death, and “life is not just the passing of time”. At least it shouldn’t be  such a horrible state of being. Can you enjoy being with those you love or are you too exhausted? Are you aware enough to see how beautiful the day is, experience laughter, cry your tears when you need too?

Life is a gift we have for such a short time, shouldn’t we maximize the living of it instead of ignoring, numbing or putting it off until we “have more time”?

What if we don’t get more? When should we start behaving more kindly to ourselves?

When would NOW be a good time?




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