The Harvest

Is it always true

that we reap what we sow?

We know from experience that

all the seeding of love,

hope and dreams

may yield nothing in return

but the painful lesson

that some people will not

love you.

They will have little time

they are willing

to share with you 

and will not be bothered

with the growing

of anything worth

holding together.

Although it seems unfair

to have what looks like

so little reward

for our heart’s efforts,

we must ask ourselves this:

what did we learn about them

and ourselves?

Did we love them 

from our heart or ego?

Did we expect them to be other

than they are

to keep our devotion?

Did we place upon them

preconceived notions

of what love looks like to us?

Did we wear our hearts

thin and ragged 

to prove we were worthy

of a love we didn’t 

believe we deserved?

Did we expect them to be

our answer?

Our cure?

Our salvation from ourselves?

Was it love or ego?

What seeds did we sow

into hard and rocky soil

expecting it to yield

our field of



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