The Questions

There are crossroads

in every relationship,

even the one 

with ourselves…

Decisions must be made

and we must ask ourselves,

if it’s comfort 

that we seek by staying

where we are?

Should we let our forgotten

passion for living

pull us forward

into the mystery?

Are we more afraid

of growing old than we are 

ecstatic in our celebration

of the gift we’ve been given

to become


Do we really entertain

the idea of

accepting the tepid,

the tame,

the mediocre existence

that comes with being

lonely in

(and one of)

the crowd?

Or do we have enough 

fire inside of us to step out,

step up

and claim our lost 

inheritance of wonder?

Do we dare 

unleash ourselves

on the world we walk in,

or are we blinded


by the bloodless vision of 

who we think 

we should


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