The Fall

All of my folly crushing me,

crawling as I never have towards

a precipice that offers

either freedom

or annihilation, and either

is acceptable now…

Compromise is no longer

an option

in this game that is

no game…

Moderation is not 

welcome here, nor is washed out

water-colored living…

I pull myself to the edge

and look down into mists

of unknown futures,

chain lightning illuminating

every fear I’ve held to me…

I look back and see

nothing to hold me here

at the edge

but the deadly grip 

of self-doubt,

so I struggle to my feet

and defiantly throw my hand back

as if to halt my idiocy 

in its tracks before

it overwhelms me…

I look back, then within me,

and I turn with no hesitation

and fling myself

into the annihilation

of freedom.



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