The Deceiver

Do not tell yourself lies

as you wind your way through

this world.

In your search for those

of a like magic, do not mistake intelligence

for wisdom, or self-interest

for kindness.

Let not your eyes be

blinded by the thin layer

of charm and glitter

that covers only the surface

of a bitter heart.

Don’t let your longing

to break your solitude cause you

to put a mask of strength

and character

on one who has not the spine

to support it.

Be brave enough

to keep your heart open

without handing it over to those

who would play games

with the priceless.

See with clarity and compassion

those you touch as

you pass by,

and accept them as they are

not as you need them

to be for you.

Your need to love

and be loved is a burden

to those without the capacity

or willingness

to reciprocate in that kind

of communion

of spirit.

You have your own work to do

inside yourself,

as do we all,

and painting anyone as other

than they are is a disservice

to both.

Any joining together

whether it be friend or lover

will stand in its own truth

without self-deception.

Actions will speak

what words won’t hold together,

and time will show

what lives behind the mask…

until we are brave enough to drop

our own and challenge

those who stop and linger

to do the same.


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