Honest Hours

We stand vigil together,

each in our own places when

others are sleeping 

the rest of the righteous.

We bear witness 

to the rise of every thought

that haunts us

and we wonder at

the shifting in our hearts.

We confess to sins committed 

and accept with a vague 

sorrow the scars 

that never show to the 

human eye.

We feel the lingering distress

of betrayals and ponder

the need for them

while we own the love 

we carry 

for those to whom

we can never again

allow access to our hearts.

It is a harsh time,

these honest hours,

when it is the blackest

part of morning

and silence is our only


We are the guardians

of the dark night of the soul,

until dawn breaks,

 the sun rises 

and with it

our joy.

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