Once upon a time
there was a girl who believed
she had to do
as she was told.
The terrible
and wonderful thing
about her was
she would only comply
for so long
before she got up
and did as she pleased.
This terrible
and wonderful trait
kept her in big trouble
with Everyone,
and although she was somewhat
she kept getting up after a time,
and doing as she pleased.
Her only regret was
They wore themselves out
on her determination
to not be
She eventually
grew up and grew tired
of the struggle.
She grew in stillness,
and built up her self-control
until it appeared
that she blended in exactly
with Those who told her
what to do.
She built her life
with these borrowed stones,
and Everyone around her
was proud
of her accomplishments
and praised her
Then one day,
she sat down without
being told
and wrote something on paper.
The words were
her Heart
telling her what to do.
And those words
broke her wide open…
And that terrible
and wonderful thing about her
stood up inside her
so loudly that
her heart shook within
her chest…
What I can tell you,
is after that day,
she let her roar resound
every day…
And while I can’t say
she lived happily
ever after,
I can tell you
that she

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