The Gift

You are priceless,

and everything you do matters…

Your thoughts, words, and actions

are a poem of compassion…

Even the faintest whispers

of your loving intentions

create an energy

that heals with empathy

and love…

It may seem at times,

that it makes no difference,

eases no suffering at all,

offers little comfort,

when your eyes 

are merely blind

to your value in this world…

No one single note

creates the symphony

that inspires tears of joy,

it is all the notes together that move

the soul to a higher place.

It is the pure vibration

of everything as one

that creates a life

worth living.

You are the gift.

The Secret

We are always


that we are not enough…

That we may not 

deserve love

or consideration,

or the time 

it takes to listen

and understand…

That we are less

than the effort it takes

to be held gently…

We are always 


that we do not have

what it takes

to fly 

on fierce

and powerful wings…

So listen to me now

as I whisper 

the secret I have learned

from one “dove”

to another…

We are really Eagles

and it is time

to take 



Steady yourself~

the fury of your


cannot overcome

the truth of you,

and what you hold sacred.

Lift your head high,

it carries a wealth of wisdom

from painful lessons

learned from facing

everything in life

with courage.

Dislodge the misery

from those shoulders

where shame rests

and let it fall,

ever so appropriately

on those who created it.

Unforeseen situations

will always arise

as will unwanted opinions.

Nothing you face today,

not one single thing,

changes who you are.

Your heart remains

ever-loving, and your soul

ever-shining and untarnished.

Smudges you think you wear

show only on the faces

of those throwing the dirt~

never on the warrior

refusing to succumb

to  the opinions and judgments

Of those without the courage

to rise up and meet their own lives~

Fists ready, heart first.


Water your garden, my friends. Pull the weeds of self-doubt and insecurity. Plant only the most beautiful blooms in the softness of your heart.

Choose your seeds carefully, see in your mind’s eye the magnificence longing to bud and flower, the stunning impact of color that awes the soul and reminds those who bear witness to ask more of themselves.

Fence your garden my loves, not to keep others out or yourself trapped within, but to allow massive growth, room to breathe and safety for those you invite to stop and take in the beauty you’ve created in the landscape of your life.

For every weed you pull, plant a flower there.

Grace Bats Last

Sometimes you give yourself another chance to make things right. You decide to turn the garbage of your past into compost for the garden of your future. You use the trials you’ve survived and the decisions you’ve weathered as tools to create a life that would not be able to exist without the pain you experienced.

This tale of sorrow, transformed into this glorious story of you…

Now breathe…

and re-write your story.



I know you suffer

and your heart grows weary

of reaching out

when it seems it is not welcome.

I know you cry.

Even when your tears

fall silently within,

I see them.

I know you fear

that letting go is failing

and stepping back is final;

a coward’s way 

of saving your soul.

It is not.

You must bow to the hope

that kept you fighting, 

step away with grace 

and let go.

Heal yourself,

bear your sorrow

and save your light

for those of us

who need to see it

in your eyes.

Shelly Aspenson

Without Armor

Carry on Warrior woman,

you have stumbled but steadied

without concern or plea.

You have learned a lifetime

of painful lessons

in the taking and the leaving

of your heart for others.

I understand that being a woman

of strength and resilience

doesn’t mean you can’t be shattered;

I have witnessed your holding

of your heart’s pieces

through strength of will

and light of soul alone.

Your faith in life is your fuel,

knowledge of self~ your shield,

truth spoken in love~ your sword.

It would be a mistake to see

only the cuts, bruises and scars

of your battles

without honoring the courage,

integrity and loving heart

that is your gift

to this world…

Carry on.

Shelly Aspenson

Light on Water

Let your soul breathe

with the expansion

of freedom.

Let it stretch endlessly

in every direction

as it rises

to find its place.

Let your heart open

with that terrifying wonder,

open and offer itself,

giving rebelliously

after being

so tightly bound.

Let your spirit dance

like beams of light

on water.

Not a gentle lake~

Oh Never!

But with unbridled


as if the sun were shining

on rioting waves

of the ocean storm

that is your


Shelly Aspenson


There are shadows

In all of us,

The parts of us

We keep hidden inside

Having learned

That certain ways of being

Aren’t acceptable

If you want to be seen

As wonderful…

Our shadow selves,

Being perceived as flaws

In our character

Are in reality

Our greatest power,

Our most basic truth…

They are merely

The injured parts of us

Full of sorrow

And misunderstanding,

And we need to

Listen with care

To everything they have

To tell us.

To be whole,

We must open our arms

And accept,

Embrace and forgive.

Only then will we


With the ability to live

At our highest



Shelly Aspenson

The Confession of She

Shelly Aspenson ~ Living Write

She looks out from her porch across the quiet water and lifts her face to the wind and silence of the world she’s creating for herself. She’s afraid, who wouldn’t be? She is, at the same time, filled with an uncontainable joy, and why should she try to contain it?

Like most things in life, there is a balance that must be maintained for things to grow ever forward; to deter the stagnation of the soul that comes with too much. Too much sameness, too much resentment, too much blame. The blame is the most damaging as it can be directed inward to the self or outward to another, both being a total waste of life and time.

She smiles for a moment at her joy, and then her eyes fill with tears as she begins her confession. It’s a hard, but necessary thing she’s doing. If she holds onto her pride…

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