Without Armor

Carry on Warrior woman,

you have stumbled but steadied

without concern or plea.

You have learned a lifetime

of painful lessons

in the taking and the leaving

of your heart for others.

I understand that being a woman

of strength and resilience

doesn’t mean you can’t be shattered;

I have witnessed your holding

of your heart’s pieces

through strength of will

and light of soul alone.

Your faith in life is your fuel,

knowledge of self~ your shield,

truth spoken in love~ your sword.

It would be a mistake to see

only the cuts, bruises and scars

of your battles

without honoring the courage,

integrity and loving heart

that is your gift

to this world…

Carry on.

Shelly Aspenson

2 thoughts on “Without Armor

  1. Shelley, this reached my soul. I can’t put into words what this made me feel, but know it’s something amazing.

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