No Longer

I don’t want to

love you now or feel

that long hot slide of desire

that flames

when there is no

fight left in you for

the only hope

that should matter…

I don’t want to

hold you now

when I can feel

the weakness of your

heart and it’s fickle

loyalties to the truth of me

that I’ve gone to war

to preserve and


I no longer dream

of the touch

given to so many

with so little regard for

the power it could


the heart it could


or the woman

willing to illuminate

your life like lightning

in a midnight


I’ll no longer allow

myself to break

my heart against the

stone wall of

the past you relive

every day,

blinded to your killing

of the future

you say you wish

you had…

So I will either

stand here watching

you remove your walls

stone by stone,

or you can watch me

walk away and

then climb them to scan

the horizon

hoping that someday

I’ll return.

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