The Fall

I keep waiting for

the fall…

that gut-wrenching

no foothold

fall from grace

that happens when

the one I love 

isn’t strong enough

to hold the heart

I offer…

I have learned 

through broken


and dreams

and fractured heartbeats

that to fall as I do,

each time lifting

my heart to


is a foolish act

of rebellion

in a world gone heart-blind…

I’ve been called

an inspiration and

a fool

for finding my balance

and rising up

to love 

with an honest


again and again.

And again…

So now I’m waiting

for the fall that

comes when

the possibility of


is rejected by fear

of failure,

damage and pain…

Look at me,

I’m waiting at the edge…

holding my jagged

heart and all

it’s pieces…

Don’t be afraid,

take my hand

I’m willing

to fall again with you…

I keep waiting for the fall…

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