the tale of She-awaken the sleeping heart

Here’s your bedtime story. Once upon a time… ❤

Shelly Aspenson ~ Living Write

She had been asleep a lifetime. Waiting to be awakened, her Pandora’s box of dreams locked up tight in the dark corner. She didn’t remember now what little poisonous prick had caused her unnatural sleep, and just as forgotten was the prince that was supposed to kiss her awake for her life to begin. She remembered asking “mirror, mirror…” and couldn’t remember why that had been so important to her since she knew, deep down, that she was the mirror.

She realized slowly over eons, that we were all sleeping beauties waiting to rise and fulfill our fairy tales, but we had all been taught to wait, to endure, to accept. She grew tired of lying there, all chaste and lovely, while the world of possibilities danced around her ivory tower. Some were waiting patiently to be loved, she knew, but in her opinion, she thought she should just get up and…

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One thought on “the tale of She-awaken the sleeping heart

  1. I love the simple beauty of this piece that you wrote. The flow is really comfortable and easy and the moving around between concepts of different fairytales is refreshing. I have written a poem and that could be a pre-quill to this writing in a sense. It is called In the Land of Nursery yes and Fairy Tales. If you would like to read it sometime just email me and let me know. I will be glad to send it to you or maybe I could post it here? I don’t know I’ve never use this site before.

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