the wisdom of she: this is how you love

Love them…and let them love you in return.

Shelly Aspenson ~ Living Write

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First you admit and accept that your hard-ass, quick witted deflections and heart of stone behavior is bullshit. Then you become very afraid and cringe away from the god-awful discomfort of looking inside for the reasons why you live a life of bullshit. Then you ask your heart for the truth, and you have to listen when it says, “This is Bullshit”.

Your heart may lead you into scary and unknown territory, but it will not lie to you.

So you listen, and you ponder, and you write it all out. You build on the truths you hear and you let go of the pretending, piece by ragged piece. You quit saying words you don’t mean, you quit going places because you “should” and doing things that make you suffocate.

Your letting go of the parts and pieces that are not true to your heart will hurt you…

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