Face Off

He rose up, towering over her,

snarling and ferocious,

claws sharp and extended,

teeth bared and dangerous, dripping

with hurt and ego and confusion…

she stood trembling

before him,

inches away from destruction,

refusing to back down

from the terrifying fire in his eyes…

and instead of backing away

she stepped forward,

breathing in the vicious smell of past

betrayals and disillusionment

that clung to his fur

and caused his nostrils to flare

in an agony of regret…

and in his eyes,

the flame of rejection burning bright

in them, she saw clearly

a flicker of doubt

in the face of her determination…

so she moved courageously

one step closer to danger,

certain that if she didn’t

refuse to quit loving him, he would

die angry, and alone,

not knowing that she saw past

everything he threw out to save himself

from being loved by a woman

who wouldn’t


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