The Warning

Beware the bite of apathy,

the slow, and welcome poison spreading

false comfort through the tiny fractures

of your heart…

Insidious and tempting with the numbing

of your pain, at the cost

of removing all color from the joys

of living…

Beware the building of your walls

to keep the snarling tigers

and their claws

from tearing you down,

blind to the truth that you are building

your own prison,

keeping yourself hidden inside as surely

as you keep others out

of your heart…

Beware the belittling

that bickers through your mind

fed through self-doubt and self-lies

that whisper to you

that you are not strong enough

to stand in this world

with an open heart, and open arms…

Beware of all these things that steal

your power, and stand courageously

in the face of

the pain that beats at you,

and love without reservation

no matter what the cost…

because somewhere out there,

Is a brave and battle-scarred warrior,

with a fierce and raging heart,

making his way

to you.

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