Pull Me Into You

The next time you reach for me,

pull me into you

close enough that my fingers

can trace the scars

of all the things that caused you pain…

Let me stroke love

into the hurting things,

and press light, with my fingertips

into the darkest places of you

that no one waits

long enough to see…

Let my lips reverently brush

across the numb and damaged places,

give my love a moment to sink into

those parts of you

that never thought to feel again.

Let my hands smooth away

the harshness of disappointments

too often inflicted on hope,

and feel my arms wrap around you,

holding on to the parts of you,

barely breathing,

that make you everything worth holding…

Let me breathe love

into you

and stare into your eyes

while I sink the heart of me

into your mind so bright and doubtful…

And so, my love, I ask you this…

the next time you reach for me,

let me pull you into the storm of a heart

so full of you that you are healed

by the very act

of my holding you,

you are strengthened by the truth

that I will never falter…

Just pull me into you.

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