The Oath

What would it take for me to scale that wall?

How foolish would I have to be to war

With stones so sharp and jagged that would slice?

I see the signs of those who tried before.

No one yet has found a single foothold

To lift them up to where they should not go,

But I will not be daunted by the danger,

I’ll scale the wall and live to show you so.

I have mastered well the art of climbing,

I’m skilled in the relentless search of dreams,

I wield the power of the love inside,

I long to mend your torn and tattered seams.

Some may call it Magic, yes, or Poison

That takes away my choice to let you go,

But I will not listen to their reasons,

When I really love, I’m like the granite stone.

I will be your poem and your love song,

I will be your dream, and your secret fire,

I will vanquish every dragon guarding,

I’ll push my way through all the razor wire.

I will reach you, else I will die trying,

You are a treasure, and I want it all

So look for me, my love, with aching eyes

And watch me as I finally breach your walls.

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