We are legion-Finding the Lost Rulers of Heaven

You see us every day. We’ve disguised ourselves as the invisible glue that holds your day together, the hand you never feel that stops you from stepping in front of the hurtling train of foolishness. We are the ones that gave our own power away little by little, so that you could feel like you had more, or were more, than you’d earned for yourself.

And it was so unnecessary.

We allowed ourselves to be tricked and trained into believing that the giving of life that we were empowered with, was a triviality that the world could do without. We became secondary to everyone, everything, and we turned ourselves into martyrs, saints, and victims.

We dishonored ourselves by allowing others to do so.

We understand our power. You are stronger. You were the provider back in the day. You held the wolves at bay, and protected us from harm. Our power was, and is, different and no less critical. You preserved and protected life.

We made it worth it.

Neither of us exist at maximum potential without the other. It’s two halves of a whole as was meant to be. It was supposed to be a beautiful balance of power and grace. Strength and beauty. Courage and joy. But somewhere back in the day, Kings became little frightened boys, and the Queens laid down their crowns to become servants.

The Kingdom crumbled into chaos.

We look for strength now and find arrogance. We seek safety and find negligence and abuse. We look for a King to rule with us and find only a dictator or a prison guard. You look for respect and honor, and there is little to be found. There are men of strength and awareness out there, but not enough. We’ve allowed all that we were meant to be to deteriorate into the societal muck of devaluation.

The God and Goddess have brought themselves to ruin.

Where is our love for each other? Where is the high esteem held for each other? Where is the wisdom of bending down to pick up what is missing and hand it to the other with love, respect and gratitude?

Equal in value is not identical in identity.

Without the lost gifts of King and Queen, male and female, strength and beauty, the world founders in a sea of pathetic mediocrity that flat out makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Where are the Gods and Goddesses? Aren’t we ready to put on our crowns of glory and pick up the scepter of power that allows us to add life to our lives? Don’t we want to see men rise up that truly are Men, and rise up ourselves as the Women who inspire the world to survive the wars of foolishness?

We are legion, we are lost, and we must save each other.

Or live in the gray ghost life of what could have been…god forbid this be so.

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