Just A Woman

I’m just a woman. I’m no movie star, famous author, multi-millionaire or well-know activist. I’m just me; a woman with a job, a marriage, a son, and a few good friends. I wrestle with depression, face off with anger, embarrass myself with my own behavior sometimes, and other times-I just laugh my ass off and refuse to give a single shit.

I love to write, dance with my headphones on when I’m all alone, read late into the night, sing when no one can hear me and make people laugh till they cry. I tell a good story, give great advice, and have a vigilante heart for the downtrodden. I’m just a woman.

I’ll throw myself under the bus to save a loved one from sorrow, speak the truth even when it hurts me, will do without whatever it takes to fill a need for another, and am loyal to those I love until the last ash blows away in the wind, especially when they’ve screwed up.

I’m just a woman, but I’ve got your back.

There are things that touch my heart, some well known, some little known. Puppies slay me, and to me every dog is a puppy. My son in any way, shape or form softens my heart in the hardest times. Someone showing me a kindness or courtesy (it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think). Hallmark commercials, anything to do with military homecomings, babies of any species (not just human), a beautiful garden, and someone brave enough to show me I matter. I am mesmerized by plays.

But I am just a woman.

I know how to put my wants aside for the greater good of another, I can work 3 jobs, keep the house fairly decent, and get supper on the table. I can hate what you do or say, and love and forgive you at the same time. I am, after all, a woman.

I can dream a bigger dream for myself. I can create new boundaries to preserve the integrity of my life. I have the ability to intuit where a person is coming from and what they’re feeling despite their words and actions to the contrary. I can create hope and inspire confidence where there is none with the power of my heart and the magic of my words.

Because I am a woman.

As I age, I will only grow stronger, my heart more pure, my mind more enlightened, and my heart more open. Life will not kick my ass, it will not hold me hostage, it will not dampen my dreams, or limit my reach. What you see as a minority, a challenge, a weakness…is my super power.

I am a woman.

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