The Tribe of She-Finding Kindred Hearts

In a single heart beat life defeated her, and in the next she came alive. Her eyes lifted and burned bright with a new knowledge; her face glowing with a fierceness that would cause many along her path to tremble and look away. It appeared at first glance that nothing much had changed, but her journey manifested from the inside out, and she listened to nothing but the wolf howling, the magic of the wind that spoke to her, and the rain that cried for what was lost as well as the joy of her return.

Everything that looked the same no longer existed to her.

She began to live such a different reality, that she might as well have dropped everything from her hands, opened the door and walked away. She could have remained the same inside and changed her job, her location, her personal life and in doing so would have made certain to repeat it all over and over again. Like Ground Hog Day from hell. But she didn’t do that.

She redefined herself, and began her journey.

She had wondered all her life how people could offer a diluted version of themselves to another and call it love. Even worse was being asked for a diluted version of herself in return. She had tried for as long as memory served her to give only what didn’t overwhelm or frighten or cause dismay, and most of the time she was successful. All too often though, it flamed up in the heart of her like a volcano, expelling darkness, sparks and fury upon those unfortunate enough to be too close.

She no longer tried to reign it in.

When those around her began to back away, there were only a handful left standing with her, with a like fire and hope in their eyes as they watched her, waiting for a sign. She would journey and return, sharing her treasures found and secrets uncovered and the others began to do the same. But they were so few in number. She knew from her own experiences that there had to be many more out there lost, trapped, angry and diluted. Sisters yes, and brothers, wild of heart and fiery of blood living tepid lives of mundane and minimal expression.

She could no longer tolerate the delusion of dilution.

She walked wild through her days and came home and called out, pounding the keys furiously, a fierce howl calling her clan to rise up from the heart of themselves, to bring the fire of their own transformations with them.

Thus was born The Tribe of She.

She called to them, and they answered, conquering themselves and rising again in the wildfire.

She called to them, and they answered…

Will you?

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