The Loss of the She

Be careful what you wish for. She’s not some fairy tale, she’s the real deal, the woman who walked through the fire of betrayal and came out smoking hot. She’s introverted and larger than life. She’s the life of the party if you can coax her into leaving her solitude. She dreams big, cries easily, loves deeply and gives endlessly. She’s the irresistible force and the immoveable object at the same time.

Many are the fools who skimmed atop the shallow waters of her surface like a dragonfly unaware of the danger below the placid. So too are the careless, the cutting and the negligent who left her to bleed, expecting her to fade quietly away. Those who made the mistake of taking her silence for weakness, her calmness for acceptance, and kept slicing until she refused to bleed another drop. She watched those who hurt her with eyes narrowed in sorrow and rage, only allowing herself a small defiant curl of her lips as they blindly passed by the gold she held within her.

Oh you fragile of ego and awareness, you have inadvertently called up the wolf. She is pacing, eyes glittering with life, teeth gleaming as she smiles in a way that makes you shrink into your little reality. You didn’t realize she knew her own worth? That she could still see her own value in the dirty mirror you held up to trick her into a sorrowful acceptance? That she would be unable to contain the ferocity of joy that demanded release?

Take a knee and bow your head in defeat. You have lost a precious treasure, by not holding, listening, loving. You have abdicated your right to the fierce devotion, the ignited passion that only comes with giving and trust and respect. Step down and step back, you are not worthy of holding her hand, much less her heart.

She is every element, all possibilities, mystery, magic and the gift of flight.

She is wondrously, gloriously human, you fool.

You will mourn the loss of the She.

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