hide and seek-finding you

How do you find the true you in the mass of everyday ridiculous? How do you find your purpose, your meaning when you’re buried under daily life? How do you face and embrace the fear of change when, with no effort at all, you can have complacency? Why would you leave the safety of what you know behind you, when the step you’ve never taken is so intimidating? Why? And How?

A hard, and glorious odyssey. A lie-defying quest. A pilgrimage to locate your heart.

You will need to answer tough questions to draw a map to find the treasure that is you. What do you long for in the moments you become still? When you feel dissatisfaction, what is it you’re missing? Those times you wonder if you really matter, what is it you most want to offer up to the world? When you dream of the lover you wish you had, have you encouraged (or allowed) yourself to be the version of you capable of attracting such a phenom and living that life? Are you the type of person you’re looking for?

No? Well there you go.

What do you need to grow, or uncover within you to be what you long for, to create what you’re missing, to have an overflow of the heart to give to the world you live in. If you maximize the potential of you, and love you, and pour yourself 100 proof into the Universe…you’re gold. Your question will be which one instead of wishing for one, and you won’t mind waiting, because you will have realized that you’re more than a match for your future partner.

You’re the cats pajamas.

You begin to make your efforts purposeful instead of mechanical. You take care of yourself, and breathe, and allow what you feel to sink into you. You quit  feeling sorry and develop active compassion. When you feel lack in your life, you give to another in need. You help someone else realize they matter and give encouragement, and you love someone by letting them drain the pain of their day by listening-with your heart open and your mouth shut.

You must create within what you wish to see without.

Your integrity grows when you quit breaking the promises you make to yourself. You become a force to be reckoned with in your own life by choosing who you will be instead of trying to meet someone else’s expectations. You decide to get up and do what you say you will-and be who you decide you are. Period. No whining.

I ain’t playin’.

Look for the clues, listen carefully, seek out all the hidden and undeveloped parts of you and bring them into the open. Be real. Put yourself out there. Live a life worth writing about. I dare you.

Olly olly oxen free!

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