The Choosing

If you were a powerful man,
a leader,
a modern day king
of your own destiny…
would you choose
the princess-pure and tame,
naive and malleable,
and full of innocence?
Would you need
a sycophant
to stroke your ego
and your sword?
Someone who followed
her belief in your protection
an aphrodisiac
to your ego?
Or will your discerning eyes,
strategic mind,
and courageous heart,
look past that vision
of youthful beauty,
and in your wisdom call for
the Queen?
And as she stands gracefully
in her own power,
will you see her timeless
her scars from
victories won,
her presence and nobility
an inspiration for all those waiting;
untested still, by life?
Are you strong enough
to conquer, and kneel
before a woman
of equal power and appeal?
Will you pander to your ego
leading the princess,
or rule your world,
your hands firmly holding
the heart of
the Queen?

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