The Conversion

It’s not easy

to change a lifetime

of training

to a new way

of Being~

to deflect the darts

of anger and insecurity

aimed at you

from Fear~

absorbing only those

you understand

you need to feel to be


It’s not easy

to change a lifetime

of conditioning

to uncover

a fresh and loving


a mind that rejects

fruitless Judgements

of the Ego~

a Conscience

that denies the appearance

of strength

by the tearing down

of another.

It’s not easy~

becoming the person

you’ve always


even from Yourself…

but it is worth it,

and so

are You.


All of Me

There are Shadows

in all of us;

the painful parts

we keep hidden inside,

having learned

that certain ways of being

aren’t acceptable

if we want to be seen

as Wonderful…

Our shadow Selves,

being perceived as pitfalls

in our Character,

are in reality

our greatest Power,

our most basic Truths…

They are not merely

the injured parts of us;

full of sorrow

and misunderstanding…

thus we need to listen

with Care

to everything

they have to tell us…

To be Whole,

we must open our arms

and Accept

Embrace, and Forgive.

Only then

Will we transform,

with the ability to Live

without Judgement

at our Highest Frequency.

We must love

our entire selves

to be ever truly Free.



If I could

do it all over again,

I would live from

my Soul,

leading with my


I would speak

only Truth,

leading with my  Actions…

I would build

only Love,

with mutual Respect

and Integrity…

I would resolve

all Conflict

to a blessed sense

of Peace…

If I could

do it all over again,

I would begin Anew

from this moment,

with fresh eyes

and open


On second thought,

I Will.


Just for Today

Wake up.

Your entire world

Is awaiting

You to Create it.

Heaven and Hell

Are within You

Pending your Choice;

Your Reality.

See with the eyes

Of your Truth

Not your Ego,

Hear the world

With understanding

Not Judgment,

Speak Life

With every word

Not allowing

A single one

To be used as a Weapon

To Harm…

Let your Heart open


To all Sorrow, Love, Pain

And Joy.

Promise yourself

That just for today,

You will allow only

The existence of your

Absolute Magnificence

And it will be so.

Then tomorrow…

Do it again.


Zombie Virus-The Seven Levels Of Decay

Zombie Virus-The Seven Levels Of Decay
Maybe it’s time to panic. I’m seeing it everywhere now, aren’t you? They’re in the mall, walking side by side, looking away from each other while the noise of pointless chatter hides the horrible silence of their souls. They’re in the restaurants sharing a table while each look somewhere over the other’s shoulder with dull and listless eyes. They are at the movies replicating their at home behavior of staring straight ahead, shoving snacks down their throats and choosing TV over reality… they are texting, or surfing the web, or emailing anyone except for the one they chose to be with at some earlier point in time.

**Zombies: fictional undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses~Wikipedia

First it’s the lovely Cinderella story; he loves her, she loves him, both are wonderful/beautiful/talented/generous/caring individuals.

**We were together, I forget the rest. ~Walt Whitman

2. Then somebody gets careless and draws first blood. The virus has entered through the injury and begins the incubation period. This could have been prevented by noticing and addressing the injury immediately; treating it with a loving heart, focusing hard on the facts we discovered in step one.

**A spark neglected makes a mighty fire. ~Robert Herrick

3. Unfortunately the virus spreads and begins to affect motor skills. There is a steep decline in the hugging, hand-holding, and walking towards each other instead of away.

**Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.~ The Wizard of Oz

4. The next ability to bite the dust is verbal communication skills. It begins with ‘it’s no big deal’, ‘I’m fine’, and ‘don’t worry about it’, and quickly degrades into accusations, blame, and the additional drawing of blood by both parties.

**As soon as we find someone to blame, we act as if we’ve solved the problem. ~Margaret J Wheatly

5. The diagnosis is pending now. The people who always wanted to be just like this couple don’t want to be infected and begin to keep their distance. The mutterings begin in reference to what should be done. Is there a treatment for this? Will both parties be willing to go through the treatment? When two become one, and one goes down, the other will not remain standing. So treatment for two, or amputation of one from another?

**You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens. ~Rumi

6. The most horrifying result is from a lack of any action at all. No matter who initiated what at the beginning of this fairy tale, to stagger around lifeless, emotionless, damaged, and numb is not acceptable for any human being. Serious measures need to be taken: dual treatment, amputation, or quarantine.

**Virus: a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. – Wikipedia

7. The eyes of the heart begin to perceive the other as a nightmare instead of the person of their dreams. Both are blinded to the beauty, heart and courage of the other. Trust is undermined and then no longer exists. Each injury causes a reciprocal injury until scar tissue on each heart renders them both hard and immoveable. The virus thrives as the hearts die.

**Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.- Anaïs Nin

Be ever vigilant.


You have never been


It has only appeared

To be so…

Your life thus far

has not been wasted,

It has been

A refining of self;

The tuning of your heart

Like a priceless


With self-love

And self respect

Strung so precisely,

That no matter

How powerful

The force applied,

The universe hears only

The most heart-stirring


Bringing even

The coldest heart

To tears.

You have never been

Without purpose

You have chosen, until now

To be blinded

To your own ferocity.

You can have

And be

Everything you desire…

Believe this truth.

Be fierce.


Love Thyself

There is Love here…

Covered in the finest dust

Of Neglect~

Buried beneath

The harsh gravel of


There is Hope here…

Suffocated by the heaviness

Of Indifference~

Held beneath

The surface of Monotony

And Despair.

There is Life here…

Struggling to grow



To remain the Same~


There is Magic here…

Woven through

The Love, the Hope, the Life~

Waiting for Someone

Brave enough

To lean in and Breathe


Back into the Air

That surrounds my Heart

And Yours.