Straight Talk to Myself

Girl, really? I’ve time traveled 10 years back in time to get us jumpstarted, and you’ve got to listen up.


If you don’t listen to me now, you’ll wait another 8 years before your first attempt to really love yourself. You’ll keep shit talking yourself, you’ll ignore the burning in your gut to write yourself into the world, you’ll continue to numb yourself into a state of suspended animation. You’ll fight that inner rage very few suspect you harbor inside; damaging your heart and your spirit.

There is no one like you. Go look in the mirror. Love yourself NOW. Believe in yourself NOW. Stand up and create healthy boundaries all around you NOW. Write your heart out, send it everywhere in the world you can, set your eyes on the life you want to create and do it NOW.


I know the fire is in there, it burns me alive, so I know it’s in you somewhere. You’ll feel the power grow with every part of you that you reclaim for yourself, for us. You’ll feel crazy and caged, furious and philosophical, insignificant and all powerful. It’s all good, it all counts, but you need to get your ass in gear NOW.

No more excuses. You decide who we are, what we believe, what we want to learn and where we want to go.

No whining. I know, and so will you, that all this shit (all 42 years of it for you) was totally needed to turn our hearts into a magnificent conflagration. Burn that shit down baby sister. Burn those bridges, chains, and the expectations of others. Set your whole self on fire. Light the world UP. Laugh your ass off when you fall on it, and get up and kick some more.

I love you. Don’t wait. Be the Wolf, be the Phoenix, be Shelly in living color.

Gotta go, I’ve got worlds to create, and nothing but life as far as the eye can see.

Can’t wait till you get here.

Love and Ass-kicking

52 year old You. ❤

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