It’s the most horrifying and wonderful truth you’ll ever learn.  It will terrify you with happiness. It’s intimidating power comes with great responsibility, and once you uncover it…baby you own it, no coming back from that. You will alternately fling your arms open to the universe in joyous abandon, and cower behind your own shadows paralyzed by the possibilities.

You opened your eyes today, and realized that every situation and experience you hold onto as truth in your life (yes, everything) was of your own doing. You created and fine tuned the circumstances you were presented with and made them into what they are today. You let the outside world determine the fate of the One with the power to create miracles or mayhem, castles or curses, magic or misery. Yes. That would be you.

You didn’t learn this on purpose, but you can’t un-know what you know.

You were doing quite well blaming your parents, your work, your spouse, your God…for your miseries, disappointments, missed opportunities, and heartbreak. But you inadvertently took a bite of that apple and uncovered the power of You.

WTF?? You rise up from the pile of shit you’ve been feeding yourself, lift your beautiful hands in front of your face and whisper to yourself and the universe…

“What if, instead, I use my power for good? What if I use this magic in my heart, and this steel in my spine to magnify my life instead of minimizing…me?”

The heavens and earth tremble at the prospect of you living in your power. Your own heart quivers and your own breath falters at the limitless capacity for wonder. You begin to take offense at the old self-whispers that tell you to maintain the status quo, don’t be so arrogant as to share yourself and your gifts with the world. Now when you hear them, you crush them beneath your feet and banish what’s left with a flick of your fingers.

No more you~ shit talking you. You show yourself who’s boss, who rules your world, whose light you follow in a doubt storm.

Gut up kid, it’s You. The Divine light of creation expressing itself as one of a kind you, and you’ve kept who you are in the attic, in the dark, collecting mold and cobwebs? It’s criminal.

Luckily~you’ve just discovered your super powers, and can now right all wrongs, set fire to your dreams, dust all the pathetic off of you and raise a few things…hell, eyebrows, hope?

Lift your beautiful hands, your tear-stained face, and open your eyes.

You are Supernatural.

Live. Your. Life.

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