The True Meaning of Courage

Shelly Aspenson ~ Living Write

I love stories about courage. Courageous men and women who step forward in a moment of danger and put their lives on the line to save another. Sometimes, I’m sure their actions are based on a decision made in the moment, and others are maybe just an automatic reaction of each of them as a human being. Some freeze in moments of crises, and some are spurred to action.

This isn’t the type of courage I’m talking about today. Not the newspaper headliners, or the interviews on Fox News or whatever, or the kind that gets medals and commendations for bravery. I’m not talking about a moment of courage, I’m referring to a lifetime of it~the decision to be willing to live for and with someone, instead of the “die in a moment of glory” kind.

There are too many cheap relationships today. We fall in love, we do the…

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